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lunedì 2 agosto 2010

Unreal Engine: nuovi renderer OpenGL

Agosto si apre all'insegna della riconferma del supporto dato dal grande (grande è ancora poco per rendere giustizia ad 8 anni di lavoro costante e gratuito) Chris Dohnal all'Unreal Engine 1 in svariate sue incarnazioni.

Sono infatti disponibili i nuovi renderer OpenGL per Unreal Tournament, Deus Ex (e anche Rune) che si presentano con questo changelog:

- Fixed a bug with ShareLists enabled and the editor that could cause crashes.
- Editor selection no longer uses OpenGL API selection support. This avoids problems with OpenGL drivers with bugs or missing support in this area.
- A couple 227 editor related updates that were also general renderer code fixes.
- The SmoothMaskedTextures option will use alpha to coverage if AA is enabled with 4 or more samples.
- Removed support for using vertex programs without fragment programs. The UseFragmentProgram setting controls both of these and the UseVertexProgram setting is gone.
- Removed compiled vertex array support and the UseCVA option.
- Removed the UseTNT option.
- No longer using sstream for internal debug functionality.
- A few other mostly minor changes.

ZRangeHack will be enabled by default for UT if not already present in the ini file, but this one may still need to be watched a little more closely. There are a couple cases I know of where it has minor side effects. However, with most video cards these days only supporting 24-bit but not 32-bit z-buffers, or unless modified other parts of the game engine to draw decals a little further away, it is needed to avoid decal flickering in the distance in many common cases.

Link per il download ed istruzioni relative alla loro installazione e configurazione sono disponibili nei relativi post nella sezione "Classics Fixing":

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