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martedì 8 marzo 2011

Half-Life 2 - Underhell Prologue 1.5

La total conversion "Underhell Prologue" che abbiamo presentato qualche giorno fa giunge al suo primo update, la versione 1.5!
Ecco il link per la nuova versione completa di patch:

  • Fixed an issue that would still display the "Bed Hint" during the day
  • Fixed an issue that would make the bed still enabled during the day
  • Optimized the Hospital, removed a few enemies
  • Optimized the Particle System
  • Fixed an exploit in Map 1 that allowed players to climb away from the gameplay area.
  • Fixed being able to use flashlight during Interrogation scene
  • Fixed music loop glitch on the Hospital Assault
  • Fixed the trash removing entities placed around it
  • Made that batteries only appear in the house once you have the flashlight
  • All objects in The House can be picked up
  • Fixed a bad spelling on the Emails
  • Fixed not picking dual guns after load game
  • Fixed wrong Hitbox on the Shotgun that could cause a crash
  • Increased the chances of receiving mail
  • Made Parking Lot Control Room door easier to see.
  • Optimized the mall by removing cubemaps and changing prop fading distance.
  • Improved lighting in some areas of the mall
  • Fixed being able to lean out of the Helicopter
  • Removed some enemies in the Base
  • Added 2 new events in The House
  • Fixed an event in The House that would be impossible to see
  • Made it more clear that batteries need to be picked up when you get the flashlight

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