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domenica 9 gennaio 2011

MechWarrior 4 Mercenaries: MekTek Edition - Update 0028

Uscito l'update 0028 per la versione libera di MechWarrior 4 Mercenaries, comodamente scaricamente dal client MTX o tramite torrent da qui:

  • Bug
    • [MPX-561] - bots are not moving (remaining stationary)
    • [MPX-567] - Longtom Splash through walls and buildings
    • [MPX-578] - Circus Max II not working
    • [MPX-582] - FlagUpdate MaxSize protocol error
    • [MPX-585] - Reticle range in 3rd person increases exponentially
    • [MPX-599] - Out of Ammo for Stock Prime Linebacker
  • Cosmetic
    • [MPX-602] - team scores overlapping torso compass on HUD
  • Crash
    • [MPX-565] - Error after GamesOS exit
  • Improvement
    • [MPX-287] - Server side bandwidth limits on clients
    • [MPX-325] - A way for the the host of a server to see what the connection speed is set as for people joining the server
    • [MPX-327] - Server Side client bandwidth throttle
    • [MPX-484] - some issues with weapon clearance indicators
    • [MPX-492] - weapon group indicators next to crosshair tied into weapon clearance markers
    • [MPX-521] - 3POV LOS detection point in Advanced Radar adjustment
    • [MPX-553] - Send crash dumps to mektek
    • [MPX-555] - Allow Bans even when the player is not in server
    • [MPX-559] - Remove trees from LOS blocking
    • [MPX-560] - Remove advanced radar from campaign game play
    • [MPX-569] - Linebacker with some omni hardpoints
    • [MPX-576] - Server side option to define map advant horizon
    • [MPX-583] - Server side option to disable self destruct (Ctrl-Z)
    • [MPX-584] - Protected Player IDs: Anti-Smurf option
    • [MPX-587] - Set 3POV to internal view point for bots
    • [MPX-588] - Add "Protect" button in addition to Kick and Ban buttons in dedicated server
    • [MPX-590] - "Fog of War" server side option
    • [MPX-595] - Change Auto Center Default to Off
    • [MPX-598] - NDB and Lag improvements
    • [MPX-603] - Video Option checkbox for electing to use extended visibility
    • [MPX-607] - Confirm suicide penalty has been removed
    • [MPX-609] - Prohibit Self Destruct button and Fog of War menu in multiplayer host setup
  • New Feature
    • [MPX-166] - Bot Mech/Battle Armor restriction check box
    • [MPX-211] - Port dual compasses from MP4
    • [MPX-455] - Increase draw distance beyond 1000m
    • [MPX-558] - Add a templet file saving the dedicated server restriction definitions
    • [MPX-568] - Linebacker Mech - Clan 65 ton

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