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sabato 1 gennaio 2011

Command & Conquer 3 - The Forgotten aggiornato

Anche per Command & Conquer 3 - The Forgotten (rilasciato lo scorso mese di settembre) è tempo di aggiornamenti: è infatti pronta la versione 1.1, scaricabile sia in veste di patch per la versione 1.0 sia standalone rispetto a quest'ultima.

Riportiamo la news inerente con tanto di nuovo trailer:

The Forgotten are back--again! Fresh off finishing #3 in the Singleplayer Mod of the Year category and garnering tens of thousands of downloads, the team has released patch 1.1 for the mod, with a host of bug fixes and some minor balance improvements so that the world of The Forgotten can come alive in even more realistic and immersive ways. You can see the full change log here. For those of you who are new to the mod, it features a story-driven campaign, HD Full Motion Videos, and the chance to lead a rebellion no one thought possible. Maybe our new trailer will show a bit more. Take a look:

Il changelog:
  • Power Station health values normalized in line with other defenses
  • Fixed graphical issue with low-detail Garden of Life and other models
  • Fixed a number of issues with Arteries of Assault tunnels, including tunnel repair, and how the tunnels handled salvagers and Beastmasters (the latter are no longer allowed inside)
  • Arteries of Assault tunnels now can be built near other tunnels, Construction Yards, and Relay Stations
  • Added additional infantry art and icons, including targeting cursor for the Body Double ability, and new cameos by ErastusMercy and Alex06
  • Fixed EVA effects, including the mistimed "Veinhole Monster ready" one
  • Added missing description strings, including for the Outpost
  • Updated Tacitus Library and Garden of Life descriptions
  • Added sound effects to defense upgrades
  • Fixed issue whereby Tick Tanks would not get graphical indicators of upgrades
  • Increased Viceroid health
  • Decals and cursors added to create a more informative UI
I link per il download:

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