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lunedì 13 dicembre 2010

Oblivion - Silgrad Tower 3.0

Come precedentemente annunciato, è finalmente pronta la versione 3.0 (che ricordiamo essere sempre una beta) di Silgrad Tower!
Per tutte le informazioni (link per i downaload compresi) invitiamo i lettori a consultare il relativo thread sul forum degli sviluppatori:

Dal sito ufficiale riportiamo il comunicato relativo al rilascio:

Silgrad Tower 3.0 is the new Beta release for the Silgrad Tower mod for TESIV Oblivion. Since it is only a WiP, there is still very much work to be done, but the current release has very much to offer to the adventurous gamer. With stunning scenery and incredible models and textures, players will feel like they have re-entered the world that we left after TESIII Morrowind.

Every completed cell, both exterior and interior, has been modded to perfection and the result is several breathtaking towns like Ebbedin, Ald Nium, Tel Gavos and Steadhelm, all of which have been modded to completion, and the huge Redoran city of Soluthis is almost finished, with its Imperial sector, Reich Parkeep, having also been finished.

There are also the wide range of interesting and exciting regions around the Silgrad Tower Land, from the Bitter Coast to Deepen Moor, to the expansive ruined Dwemer city of Dumac to the Soluthis Farmland, all offer the player a fascinating experience in exploring this beautiful and vibrant world.

Then, of course, there is the sprawling metropolis of Silgrad City, a huge Hlaalu city, larger than any city seen before in any Elder Scrolls game, which is still a work-in-progress, but nonetheless a phenomenal sight to behold. Only the Slums, parts of the Eastside District and Riverside Districts will be available for playing in the 3.0 release, but you will still find several quests to be undertaken in what is only a fraction of what is yet to come.

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